We are a business of humans, in a human business

Focusing on individual involvement, high-value relationships and collective intelligence. Tomorrow’s success starts today.

DigiTribe is a community of - first and foremost - people. People who want to grow, in their job and as a person. Because that’s what drives us as company: our consultants are family to us, next of kin.

Actually, in anthropology, a tribe is defined as a kinship group too. And our DigiTribes are communities of collaborators with the same interests and desire to make an impact for any given customer in their field of play: cybersecurity, cloud or change.

So we’re a business of humans, in a human business. And we’re in it for the long run, both with customers and our blooming, happy and ambitious consultants. Together, we will make sure they succeed in their digital transformation projects. That will help us realize our goal to positively impact our country’s economic fabric as well. Let’s co-create!

Our values

People first

We can’t stress it enough: we are people focused. Happiness in job, head and soul before all. You can choose what to put first, but their share should always be equal and balanced.

Wabi sabi

You need shadow to see the light. In our fast-paced world, it is sometimes good to take a step back and see the world from another perspective. This is how we approach customer projects but also human interactions.

The future is now

We are strategists, we think, do & act. Always looking ahead to see the future for our customers. That entrepreneurial mindset characterizes all our consultants and allows us and our customers to grow together.


Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. We’re very fond of this quote by Nelson Mandela. If you’re not making mistakes you’re not trying hard enough. It’s by learning from mistakes that you reach resilience, a growth mindset and progress.


Our three Tribes form a community where knowledge is shared actively and continuously. It is the road to immortality, according to the Dalai Lama. We don’t know about that, but lifelong learning keeps you sharp and benefits all stages of your career.

Authentic enthusiasts

Love what you do and do what you love. DigiTribe is a place where work is not a job, it’s a place where people feel they can make a difference. All our consultants are different but have two common denominators: they are part of the DigiTribe family and share the same authentic enthusiasm for their work.

Happy staff

Yes, we’re serious about digital transformation. But once in a while (quantity to be defined) jokes are permitted. Humour is essential in life. And ‘afterworks’ too.

Founders message

“Our purpose with DigiTribe is to make a mark: we aim to positively impact the lives and interests of our colleagues and partners so that they can all grow and prosper individually. And we aim to help customers to make an impact themselves. To realize this, we are challenging the business model that hasn’t changed in ages. We intend to disrupt traditional consultancy! We are therefore investing in consultant intimacy and involvement and collective intelligence through communities of practice. We define our roadmap jointly with our Tribes so that everyone can contribute to both individual and common objectives. Perhaps it makes us the odd-one-out consultancy firm, yes. It makes us proud that our story is resonating.”

François Lecocq - CEO & Benoit Carlier - COO

Our society and sustainability goals

We believe in the power of purpose. It unlocks values and gives meaning to what we do as a company for the society we both work and live in. Over the past couple of years, we have supported NGOs with different goals that are all close to our heart. We pursue these efforts in 2024 confirming once again our support for Farming for Climate. Moreover, our environmental, social and governance efforts have been praised by the ESG platform EcoVadis, awarding a bronze medal to DigiTribe earlier this year. It’s a motivation to continue striving for even better results in terms of sustainability this year and in the future.


evaluates the environmental, social and governance aspects of organizations’ activities. Achieving this bronze status means that DigiTribe is among the top 35% of 100,000 companies already rated by EcoVadis. We are very proud of this achievement and see it as a motivation to continue striving for even better results in terms of sustainability in 2024 and beyond.

Farming for Climate

accelerates the agroecological transition of farmers in our country. This will allow carbon sequestration, enhanced biodiversity, improved nutrient quality, improved water quality and increased soil life. A fantastic initiative to bring corporate organisations closer to a field we all depend on: the farmland. We’re proud to contribute to this innovation.

Contact us

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