Cybersecurity & Risk Management

Mitigating cyber threats to increase your resilience.

Increasing the resilience of your business.

As a CxO, your number one priority in today’s digital world is to mitigate cyber risks, detect and manage vulnerabilities, respond to cyber-attacks and ultimately increase the resilience of your business. It is not an easy task, and attracting and retaining cybersecurity expertise is not a checkbox exercise either.
Our Security and Risk Management Tribe is composed of certified experts with the highest cybersecurity skills. The Tribe is galvanized by CISOs who continuously nurture and develop our community of cyber talents. They help you to develop your strategy and tactics, and plan your operations. Our community approach provides key insights to our security experts, tribe leaders and customers.

Services and skills: strategy & operations

Our cybersecurity specialization and proven track record gives your digitalization a competitive edge. We help you with different services ranging from continuous or ad-hoc advisory services to operational services and dedicated teams.

Advisory Services


Onboard CISO experience to design and deploy your strategy for optimum security

Cyber Response Plan

Be prepared for the cyber storm, don’t wait for the next breach.

Security Architecture Assessment 

A sound security architecture to optimize your tooling and assets.

Cybersecurity Audit

Measure your security posture and compliance .

Hybrid Cloud Security & Architecture

Connecting to cloud requires proper security.


Align IT with business goals while managing risks and meeting all rules.

Cyber Governance 

Proper governance future-proofs your cybersecurity.

Risk Assessment & Analysis

What’s your risk appetite and can you afford it? Gut feel is not the right way.

Consulting and Structured Services

Cybersecurity KPIs & Controls

Performance indicators are often missing. We define them and implement controls.

Security Incident Handling and Response

Automate your approach to manage incidents and recover.

Network Security Control

Automate the security and availability checks of your network services.


Automate your security log management and detect anomalies sooner.


Coordinate your incident response to mitigate risk

Cloud Security Operations

As a SecOps, we hunt, detect and respond to attacks


Infuse security in your early development life cycles.

Data Leakage Protection

Identify and prevent data breaches or destruction of sensitive data

Improve your cybersecurity now

We help to raise cybersecurity in your organization from the assessment up to your daily operational security. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss how we can help to improve your cyber resilience.

Why work with us?


Cybersecurity is a core service, not an add-on


Guidance and governance by expert profiles and CISOs


Our experts have a proven track record *

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* in cybersecurity that means ‘horror story experience’!

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