Introducing Tribe Connect for our DigiTribers


At the request of our community of ambassadors, we are introducing Tribe Connect. This concept will gather our ambassadors for inspiring sessions on different subjects, allowing our community to share experiences and to further strengthen their network and relations. Or just to have a cup of coffee together.


Tribe ConnectAs you know, DigiTribe has grown strong over the past months and our fast progression continues. This growth encourages and allows us to refine the organization of our Tribes and to expand our ambassadors’ community.

During the past few months, we have worked on developing deeper connections with our community. Those moments together have emphasized the need for more get-togethers to connect, support each other and share as a community. Which is why we created Tribe Connect.

These Tribe Connect events will allow us to get to know each other (better) at first, share thoughts and - going forward - also to organize informative and educational sessions on shared interests and topics. They will come in different shapes and structures, allowing us to discover new locations together while enhancing and connecting our Tribes’ expertise.

Stay tuned as our first Tribe Connect is coming!

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Drop us a line or pay us a visit - always welcome for coffee. +32 2 315 50 10