Focus as a guarantee of service quality


As the architect of many of its digital transformation projects – with the Crelan and Axa Bank integration obviously being the most important challenge, DigiTribe has been a trusted long-time partner for Crelan and Wim Claeys, Head of ICT.


What are according to you the biggest values of DigiTribe ?

Wim Claeys, Head of ICT at Crelan: “There are two values that I really appreciate in DigiTribe’s service offering. Firstly, its focus, they do not want to offer everything – we all realize that’s impossible. So they are focused on certain domains in which they really do great jobs. The quality of the people they propose is very good. That’s one. Secondly, the service offering behind is also very good. If someone needs to be replaced, DigiTribe is there to support. They don’t let you alone. You really feel the partnership in the relationship and that is very much appreciated.”

How is DigiTribe different with regard to other suppliers?

Wim Claeys: “Everybody is filtering, but this something DigiTribe is very good at. You don’t lose your time meeting candidates that are not matching your expectations. They are very good in ensuring that what they propose is in line with what you’re expecting. That’s related to their focus. Instead of shooting on everything, they focus on security, process management, and so on. It strengthens the relationship and improves quality. In a very short timeframe, you can have the right people working for you. That’s a great added value. It’s also a matter of efficiency: you don’t lose your time interviewing people that are not a match.”

DigiTribe has been on the market six years now, it is still a relatively young company. How have you experienced their recent growth since the start of your collaboration a few years ago?

Wim Claeys: “The growth has been quite significant indeed and what impresses me most is that they were able to maintain service levels – whereas typically you would expect a reduction of quality. On the contrary, it looks like the pool of people they handle is becoming bigger and bigger. As a consequence, our requests are filled in faster and with good quality. So we haven’t experienced any teething problems with DigiTribe, on the contrary.”

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