How to Work Remotely and Shape Your Culture

for Performance and Engagement.


  • The Trap of Micro-Management
  • Time-Based-Tracking Systems
  • Loss of Autonomy & Freedom of your Workforce
  • Mindset of Command & Control

shift in control from employer to employee

We Got Started Because « Smart » Working is your Company’s Future.

We are moving towards a future model of work which has truly adapted to the social, technological, and economic influences. In order for this transformation to work well, nothing less than a revolution in management practices must happen.

In this age of “smart” working, there is no assumption that work can only be done in the usual daytime shift at the usual workplace.  Organisations are transforming from rigid employers to flexible networks in order to get the best results from people

Managers should consider to stop measuring hours worked and could start measuring achieved outcomes. So, the old version of flexible working is being replaced by agile working practices where the individual has genuine autonomy over their working pattern. It involves a shift from a command and control mentality to a leadership style that empowers people and trusts them to get on with the work.


Rewarding Results

“Work” is no longer a place to go to, it’s an activity for a purpose. It’s a process for achieving results.

Rewarding outcomes that contribute to the goals of the enterprise seems much more logical than rewarding effort that may barely contribute towards business success.

« Smart » Working

Digital Transformation

The future of work where leaders are introducing results-only measurement systems and autonomous working schemes where employees have high degrees of freedom. 



Align a Shared WHY

Alignment within the HR leading team on the common WHY for a transformation 

  • Definition of the NEED for changing of paradigm
  • Proposal for the NEW paradigm itself 
  •  Agreement on the enablers on which to leverage within the organisation

Involve Executive Committee

Extension towards the rest of the Executive Committee

  • Create awarenesss
  • Agree on the principles and starting points (e.g. prioritized organisation portfolio)
  • Towards an active role for supporting the initiatives

Deploy with HR Team

Extension within the broad HR department

  • DO vs BE : walk the talk referring to the new paradigm
  • From faith driven change to value driven change
  • Data driven & evidence based
  • New ways of working, co-create the Employee Experience

Include Top & Middle Management

Extension to the top & middle management

  • New leadership, give sense and foster autonomy
  • Team dynamics, motivate vs create engagement
  • Build trust and leverage on the culture of feedback & continuous improvement


Articulated Around 3 Dimensions

Operational Excellence

Co-create new solutions, establish partnerships

Customer Experience

Experiment & innovate, build ecosystems

Employee Satisfaction

Grow learning organisation towards the new paradigm