DigiTribe™ is today more than ready to fly by its own wings!

by | Mar 31, 2021 | Company News

“Press release BuSI – DigiTribe™”

In 2017, Francois Lecocq, director with a proven track record of more than 25 years of experience in the ICT industry, decided to launch a brand-new venture named DigiTribe™ in collaboration with the company BuSI™.

DigiTribe™ provides consulting and advisory services to medium and large customers in a very broad scope of industries, focusing on Cloud, Cyber and Digital transformation. In a very short period of time, DigiTribe™ managed to grow consistently and is now recognised as a key player in the industry. That growth has been made possible thanks to the support of BuSI™, large ICT consulting provider with more than 20 years of experiences. BuSI has provided all its expertise and assistance to help DigiTribe™ to scale up and become a strong asset today.

Each company has now decided to continue their development on their own. DigiTribe™ is today more than ready to fly by its own wings and is very thankful to BuSI™.


Words of Francois Lecocq, CEO of DigiTribe:

“I would like to thank Bernard t’Kint and BuSI™ for their continuous support during the last 4 years contributing to bring DigiTribe™ to the success we have today. Their professionalism has inspired us while building our organization. I am looking forward to continue the development of DigiTribe™ in our fields of excellence such as Cyber, Cloud, Architecture & Digital Enablement.”


Words of Bernard t’Kint, CEO of BuSI:

“I would like to thank Francois Lecocq and his team for their dedication and hard work to make DigiTribe™ a success story. I am a proud co-founder and happy to see the company capable of sailing alone.”

BuSI™ will continue to expand his growth in the fields of excellence such as Governance, project management, Business & Functional analyse and development with an Academy and a factory.